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No matter whether you want to initiate a divorce or respond to a petition filed by your husband or wife - a Poulton-Le-Fylde family and divorce lawyer is an invaluable aid in helping to protect your personal interests and assets. A solicitor will be able to make sure that a divorce is taken care of as conscientiously as it can be, especially where there are minors involved.

A lawyers fees might range from about £155 to as much as £275 p/h, perhaps more in complicated cases.

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Beginning a divorce

Lancashire courts are only able to accept an application for divorce where certain conditions exist, for example; 5 years separation (where no consent exists).

To get more detailed advice on the divorce process with a Poulton-Le-Fylde solicitor, see our guide to divorce.

How to reply to divorce proceedings

The "respondent", the person who has been sent the petition for divorce, should arrange their own legal representation. Your lawyer can answer any questions regarding the contents of the petition, and will help the respondent to draft a response.

Have you checked that the contents are accurate?

It is vital that you check the petition's contents, regardless of whether it is a draft or otherwise. The information contained in the petition is largely straightforward, but the Statements of Case should be checked thoroughly. You can write to your partner or their lawyer to request a correction, if you disagree with the Statements of Case . If the corrections are refused, you can "defend" the petition by filing an Answer and Cross-Petition. Your legal representative can assist with the formal process of defending a petition if necessary.

What do you need to do as a respondent?

The respondent will receive an Acknowledge of Service document to fill out and return to the Court. This notifies the Court that you have received the petition and agree with its contents. If you do not agree with the reasons given for the divorce, you can opt to defend the case or ask for the petition to be corrected. Your lawyer can help you to complete and file a formal response.

Divorce Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know how much maintenance to pay?

The parents' income and the number of children are some of the factors considered when calculating maintenance payments. The Child Maintenance Service offer an online calculator to work out these payments.

What happens if one (or both) of us have assets overseas?

If an informal agreement cannot be reached, a UK Court decision can be very difficult to enforce in some countries, so the impact of this on foreign assets should be considered from the outset. Obtaining a divorce in another jurisdiction may be a more suitable choice.

Is it an option to get divorced without appointing a Upney solicitor ?

Yes, but most people seek legal advice.

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