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How to make an industrial disease compensation claim

Workers exposed to hazardous working conditions may be able to claim compensation for work-related illnesses, even if their health condition does not manifest for many years. 

What is an industrial disease?

An industrial disease is any health condition that is triggered by your working environment. They most commonly occur among men and women who are exposed to fumes, dust and chemicals in factories, manufacturing plants, mines or construction sites. These working environments, and the equipment and materials associated with them, are typically the most dangerous.

Quittance compensation calculator exposes no win no fee

A new online tool developed by Quittance Personal Injury is the first to reveal the full effect of the changes in the law to Claimants.

Most people are aware that it is possible to make a personal injury claim on a no win no fee basis. What is less commonly known is that people could lose as much as 40 % of their compensation if their claim is successful.

Success of Property Fraud Helpline highlights rise in property crime

The Land Registry has announced that its property fraud helpline has already received thousands of calls and emails since it was set up in February. The registry considers this is a success for its initiative. But it also highlights the rise in cases where criminals prepared to try and steal people’s homes.

Common-law marriage myth could leave you homeless

It is a widely-accepted belief that the law recognises a common-law marriage. In other words if two people live together as husband and wife for any length of time the law will treat them as if they were legally married.

This is a complete and utter myth – the law in England and Wales does not recognise any so-called 'common-law marriages'. So the couple living together in this way have no more property rights than single individuals living separately.

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