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Claiming compensation after an accident on the road

Newly released government statistics state that there were 146,322 personal injury road traffic accidents (RTA's) reported to the police in 2014.

Although RTA's and the number of people injured or killed as a result have declined significantly over the last decade, accidents still resulted in 194,477 casualties of all severities in 2014.

Of these, 115,530 were car occupants, 8,035 of whom were seriously injured.

With traffic volumes continuing to rise (by 2.4% between 2013 and 2014) the highest rate since 1996), RTAs will continue to happen.

Do I actually need a lawyer for an injury claim?

If you have suffered an ilness or injury and another person or company was to blame, you may be entitled to claim compensation.  Most people are aware of this although a suprising number choose not to pursue a claim.

Of those that do, the majority choose to instruct a solicitor to represent their interests.

It is possible to proceed with  claim without instructing an injury lawyer. However lawyers argue that you could end up accepting a much lower settlement than your case deserves.

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